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Rideshare Litigation

Technology has revolutionized our society and changed the way we move through the world. As this sector of the economy grows, so does the need for experienced, knowledgeable legal counsel. At McGrew Miller Bomar & Bagley, we understand the intricacies of automobile liability, insurance coverage, and agency issues in the gig economy. Insurers and their clients have entrusted our team to represent individuals, companies, and carriers in hundreds of cases involving this deceptively complex and rapidly changing area of law. No two rideshare cases are alike, but our experience gives us a unique ability to identify and solve the problems that arise in complex rideshare litigation.

Partners Dan McGrew and Andrew Bagley, along with experienced associates Sam Britt, Colleen Callaghan, Whitney Judson, and Brittany DeDiego, have been actively involved in representing rideshare drivers, companies, and insurers associated with this fast-growing area of law since the rideshare services first became available in Georgia. We are experienced not only in direct partner driver representation but also in the intricacies of Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist claims in this context. As this area of law continues to grow, we offer our clients prompt case evaluations so that early, cost-effective decisions can be made as to whether each individual case should be postured for resolution, mediation, or trial.