Trial Win for Uninsured Motor Vehicle Insurer
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Trial Win for Uninsured Motorist Carrier in Cobb County

Sam Britt and co-defense counsel obtained a favorable result for their clients in Cobb County on March 21, 2024. Sam represented an Underinsured Motorist carrier. 

The case involved a rear-end motor vehicle accident which, Plaintiff alleged, caused a rotator cuff tear and bicep tendon detachment that ultiamtely required surgery.  The Defendant admitted fault for the accident.  Plaintiff sought to recover nearly $90,000 in medical special damages and asked the jury to award approximately $700,000 in total damages during closing arguments.  Sam and his Co-Defense counsel were able to show that this was a low-speed accident that did not cause a permanent injury.  The jury awarded the Plaintiff just $55,000, which was well within the underlying liability limits, resulting in no exposure for Sam's client.